Who we are

Welcome to Dr Bell’s Family Centre! We are a child-friendly family and community centre, based in the heart of Leith, Edinburgh.

Dr Bell’s aims to be a welcoming place where families with young children can get encouragement, support and advice in a relaxed environment.  We provide universal and targeted provision – for everyone and focusing on the most disadvantaged – in order to minimise stigma.

We play a significant part in creating community cohesion by bringing together people of different cultures around a shared agenda – the welfare of children.

What Support We Offer

Groups & Family Support

We offer a variety of holistic services to help support the parents and young families of Leith. We offer a weekly programme of groups and services, ranging from Baby Massage to Mindfulness Dip. 


Our crèche facility is key to the success of the Centre. It allows parents to attend groups and appointments; it supports families facing challenging circumstances through the provision of regular crèche spaces and offers a drop in facility for all local families.   

Counselling Services

Person-centred counsellors work by acknowledging your perspective of your difficulties and by creating a therapeutic relationship with you which has many benefits: it can support you, without judgement, to challenge beliefs and views which may be affecting you negatively; it helps you identify any relationship difficulties outside of counselling and helps increase your confidence through acknowledgement and acceptance of your experiences


Always considering the needs of their families, Dr Bell's constantly endeavor to improve the services and tailor them to the needs of their users. Which makes us feel special and like we have a place in the community. Being in a society where we often feel insignificant, that's huge!
Speaking about our
'Keeping Connected Programme'

Going through the box of food and hearing suggestions of what we could make with it was really interesting.... rather than just sticking to my usual cooking!

our 'Foodbox' group


Get in touch with us by emailing info@dbfc.org.uk or calling us on 0131 553 0100. We will then ask you to complete some basic information so we can get in touch to let you know when groups will start. There are some waiting lists for particular groups, but we will do our best to get you involved as soon as possible! 

Our waiting list is currently closed to new referrals.

Sadly, we are not accepting any donations of clothes or children’s toys/equipment. We really appreciate your thinking of Dr. Bell’s, but we are trying to minimize as much cross-contamination as possible in light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.