Our Board



Andy has been a trustee since March 2017 and Chair Person since March 2018.



Alison Smith has spent almost all of her working life in Leith, becoming head of Stanwell Nursery in 2007. Since retiring in August 2020, she has continued to support several local organisations, including Dr Bells, where her board responsibilities include the Childcare Group and helping deliver courses for parent/carers. 

She is our longest serving board member.
In retirement she plans to continue to champion early years’ support.

“Bringing up children is one of the hardest roles people can do. As a society we need to do all we can to provide families with the support they need to enable future generations to flourish”



Malcolm has been a trustee at Dr Bell’s since 2016. He was MP and then MSP for Edinburgh Northern and Leith over a period of 24 years during which he was Minister for Health ( 2001-4) and Minister for Communities  (2004-6). Before that he was a teacher of English. He is now retired but active on several boards and in several campaigns. Malcolm enjoys spending time looking after his grandchildren and cycling.



Claire has been a trustee at Dr Bell’s since 2018. She is a chartered accountant working as a finance manager in a financial services company. Claire feels that Dr Bells is a safe and welcoming place for families, offering a great range of activities to support parents and looking after young children in the creche. She feels that the team are really passionate and cares about delivering good outcomes for families, and she was keen to contribute where she could using her finance background and skills.



Rebecca has been on the board since March 2018 and is also a member of the HR and Finance sub-group.

Rebecca has worked previously in HR and organisational management, being Director of HR for the Scottish Ambulance Service and the State Hospital in Carstairs, having chaired and run the Staff Governance Committees in both roles. Rebecca is currently a HR business partner with the Scottish Government. With 2 children of her own she is keen to contribute her experience to help families with young children.



Marzena  has been a trustee since March 2018. Additionally, Marzena is a member of the HR and Finance sub-group. Her HR experience is mostly from the private sector, oil and gas and transport industries where she held a number of positions in operational and strategic HR. Currently she is HR Manager at The Artisinal Spirits Company. She has two daughters and a passion for travelling.