Our waiting list is currently closed to new referrals.

Our crèche facility is key to the success of the centre. It allows parents to attend groups and appointments; it supports families facing challenging circumstances through the provision of regular spaces. Due to funding restrictions, we can only offer spaces to families living in Leith, with an EH6/7 postcode. 

We offer spaces from 6 months – 5 years old. Please note that under two spaces fill up quickly, so we may have to close the waiting list periodically to manage capacity.


Dr Bell’s is no longer able to offer free supported spaces for our crèche. Due to changes in funding we cannot take referrals for a free supported space as we previously had done.

Families must participate in groups or attend our counselling service to receive a free childcare space. We understand that a family may be looking for respite. So to accommodate this we can offer crèche spaces for a fee of £5 per two hour session. Please recognise that we operate a waiting list for our respite spaces

Our waiting list is currently closed to new referrals. To register your interest to be put on our waiting list, please email Once a space becomes available, we will then ask you to complete a registration form. We can take children from the age of 6 months up to 5 years old. You will need to have an EH6/7 postcode to be eligible.

Once a space becomes available for your child we will call you to arrange a Settling in Session.

The Settling in Session allows your child to get to know us, and make sure that they’re happy to be left. Sometimes children can find it difficult to settle in a new place without their parents. We’ll discuss any issues you have and work with you and your child to make the experience as easy as possible. Please do come and talk to us if you are concerned about this or have any other questions about the crèche.

After the Settling in Session, your child will be booked in for the same session throughout the term.

Crèche allocation

Families will be allocated one respite session per week. These sessions will remain the same for the whole term. At the end of each term we will reflect on how the term has gone and discuss any possible changes or additions following any guidance from The Scottish Government.

Crèche prices

As you are aware Covid-19 has impacted many services, Dr Bell’s included. Before lockdown crèche cost families £4 per session, as of Monday 14th September our prices will increase to £5 per session. Please ensure that you have the correct money ready to pay for your child’s session as we are unable to give change.

Access to crèche

Our front door will be locked at all times, please ring the doorbell to inform the team that you have arrived. You will not be permitted to enter the building for the foreseeable future to ensure we minimise any risks. In order for physical distancing to be in place for adults, we would ask that parents/carers remain outside while settling children, or handing them over to staff. We ask that you follow any physical distancing guidance or signage.

Staff will still be available to discuss any queries at the beginning and end of sessions.

During drop off/pick up we would ask all parents:

  • To avoid arriving before their allocated drop-off or pick up time.
  • To not arrive late to collect your child. We have had to implement a more enhanced cleaning procedure in between sessions so it is important that the team has adequate time to do this. Recurring lateness will result in additional fees or removal from crèche.
  • To make sure only one person drops off and collects.
  • To allow for physical distance when passing through the front gate or waiting for children.
  • To ensure that they have the correct change to pay for their child’s session.
  • To make sure that their child has spare clothes with them, if your child does not have spare clothes you will be asked to bring them in for your child to be able to remain in crèche for their session

We are operating a reduced service from: 

Monday AM: 9.30am-11.30am

Monday PM: 12.30pm-2.30pm

Tuesday AM: 9.30am-11.30am

Tuesday PM: 12.30pm-2.30pm

Wednesday AM: 9.30am-11.30am

Wednesday PM: 12.30pm-2.30pm

At all times, we will follow the Government Guidance on hygiene and physical distancing. Detailed information about this can be found at the following link:

To ensure infection control measures:

  • All staff and children to wash hands on entry to crèche, after use of the toilet, when moving between areas, before preparing food, before and after eating food, before leaving crèche. 
  • No non-staff visitors to crèche while staff and children are there.
  • All staff will monitor of staff/children for symptoms at all times. The isolation space will be used if a child displays symptoms of COVID-19 until collected by a parents or carer.
  • Visuals and posters about hygiene and handwashing will be displayed in nursery.
  • Where possible doors and windows will be kept open.
  • Toilet visits to be confined to one child at a time with supervision.
  • Due to infection control measures, some soft furnishings, soft toys and items that are harder to clean will have to be removed from crèche. 
  • If a child becomes symptomatic following their session they must inform Dr Bell’s as soon as possible. We will then follow test and protect procedures, informing anyone who may have been in contact with them during their visit to the centre.
  • If a child displays symptoms consistent with COVID 19 while in the setting, a ventilated space (Meeting Room B) will be available for the child to wait in until they can be collected by their parent/carer. Care will be taken to ensure the appropriate levels of supervision of all children. Dr Bell’s Family Centre is following guidance from The Scottish Government and Health Protection Scotland 
  • Children who are symptomatic or in a household that is, cannot attend the centre until isolation period is completed and no longer displaying symptoms.
  • After each session toys and equipment will be cleaned with some items being placed in isolation for 72 hours.


All control measures are assessed regularly by our Childcare Manager to be in line with current Scottish Government and Care Inspectorate guidelines.

  • For children still in nappies, we ask you to bring your own supply of nappies and wipes.
  • If your child is in the process of toilet training, please bring a change of clothes.
  • Children will be offered fresh fruit at snack time, with water to drink but Parents/Carers of young babies may need to bring any food requirements or bottles/cups they use.
  • Children’s clothes must be suitable for outdoors and weather appropriate as we hope to maximise time outdoors. Shoes should be appropriate for all activities including outdoor learning and play. On sunny days all children should have sun cream applied before they come to crèche.
  • To minimise the spread of infection, we would ask that children wear clean clothes each session, and that clothing is washed after use.
  • Children’s jackets, spare clothes, backpacks etc. will be removed on entering the centre and placed into their allocated storage box in the entry vestibule area.
  • We ask that no personal toys/teddies be brought into creche, especially during current Covid-19 restrictions.
  • On arrival and departure a member of the team will sign your child in and out with the time and person that dropped off/picked up.
  • If a child is being collected by someone other than yourself, a member of the team MUST be informed. For the safety of all children, staff members will NOT release a child to an unknown person. A password will be required from any additional people picking up your child.

You must let us know if you need to cancel a crèche space. It is in short supply and others can make use of the space.

Repeated cancellations or no shows will result in being removed from the sessions to allow for another family to use it. 

Soft play

Spring arts and crafts

Dinosaur week

Learning about countries

Numeracy skills

Spring play

Painting flags

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